• Cue Club's panel display image, as of April 2013
  • Cue Club can get very busy!

Cue Club is a public pool hall and one of the top destinations in SmallWorlds. Dan SmallWorlds created this space, along with many others. It is very popular, and the users there very often exceed 100. This is where many users come to play pool. It is dubbed "The Official Club of SmallWorlds" due to its popularity. *Todd Bartender (NPC) serves free drinks.

Cue Club floor layout

When one walks into Cue Club, straight ahead of them is the bar, where Todd Bartender (NPC) is stood. In front of the bar is a dancefloor, where people like to hang around. On either side of that are a set of pool tables, which is why this place is called "Cue Club"

Cue Club used to have a totally different look before the April 2013 update, but times have changed and so have some of the spaces. (*Todd only lets you have 2 free drinks, and after that he says either he thinks that's enough,or says you will have to start paying for your own drinks.)