SmallWorlds has two types of currencies: Gold and Tokens.

The official gold to token ratio is 1 gold to 10 tokens (Example, from an official SmallWorlds Store, a chair may be 100 tokens or 10 gold).


St 0110 goldcoins

SmallWorlds Gold

Smallworlds has SponsorPay, Supersonic Ads, Radium One and Super Rewards, these are surveys and questionnaires that want to inquire more commentary on their product. Through this process of being served, users can earn gold. Gold is usually something the player must buy or earn.

Widgets such as the Golden Opportunity Videobot, have the option to watch a free video clip to earn gold in your homespace. Wagering in games such as pool can earn you money as well.

Sometimes The Factory has events like Triple Gold/Double Gold. The event last for several days.



SmallWorlds Tokens

Tokens are earned in various ways. They can be earned by completing Missions that members create, earning XP, and challenging other SmallWorlds users to Games that the player is allowed to bet on. Another way to get tokens is to craft items and sell them, or grow plants and sell them. On the player's home page, they will find the planters area so that they can begin to grow plants and earn XP.