The profile is the first thing the player sees after logging-in to SmallWorlds. It has many different functions including Spin to Win, Kudos tracking and new releases and updates.

1. Avatar Selector

The Avatar Selector holds up to five Avatars that can be deleted or changed. The Profiledefault button allows the player to set an avatar as the default, meaning that it's the avatar listed when using the Forums and the sole avatar remaining if the player decides to remove the other four avatars. The Profilecustomize button allows the player to change the name or gender of their avatar (for a real-money price).

2. Enter World

Players can enter the world by clicking the green Enter World button. Players with pets can choose to take their pet with them or not. The destination drop-down menu allows the player to choose where they want to enter the world, out of the spaces they own.

3. Nurture Pet

The Nurture Pet button allows the player to create or take care of a pet. See the article Pets to learn more about having a pet.

4. Tend Plants

The Tend Plants button opens a window where the player can grow or take care of their plants. See the article Farming to learn more about having plants.

5. Spin to Win

The Spin to Win button opens the Spin to Win window, allowing the player to choose the free version or the deluxe version. See the article Spin to Win to learn more about Spin to Win.

6. Kudos Tracker

The Kudos Tracker tells the player how many Kudos Points they have earned and how many days they have left to claim the month's Kudos Reward. See the article Kudos to learn more about Kudos.

7. What's Hot?

The What's Hot section shows regular news and updates from the SmallWorlds Team.