• The logo of Rachel's Tea Room, as of June 2013
  • Inside Rachel's Tea Room as of April 2013
Rachel's Tea Room is a tea room, like the old Big Al's Diner, but more sophisticated. It is the main hanging place for many.

Still, the people with the families come around, but due to the popularity of this space, they're being teased as "beggers" because they go around asking for clothes/tokens, etc.

It is also known as "Rachel's Battle Arena" as there's nearly always a gun fight whenever you enter the space, but occasionally a Helper or a Moderator pops in to sort it out.

This place, like many others, has changed with the April 2013 update, although its panel design changed in June that year.

One of the NPCs, Shelley, is situated as a barista in this space, and can talk freely to visitors. As with Todd in Cue Club, Shelley also gives out two free drinks.

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