• "I'm Back"
  • Go to Boku Boku
  • "Secret??"
  • Take 2 keys (one by bush, one by Moa'u)
  • Go to Boku Boku
  • Open a chest (correct one is in alcove behind Boku Boku)
  • "Why don't you tell an egg a joke?"
  • "Thanks for nothing!"
  • "Do you know the secret of the island?"
  • Go to Boku Boku
  • "Boku, I can't figure it out!"
  • Read the journal
  • Exit via crypt and go back to Boku Boku
  • "I know the secret of the island!"
  • "The secret is there is no secret. You heads just play games with humans."
  • Cheer
  • Teleport to Luxury Yacht to end mission

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