Room Selection

Screenshot of the rooms available as of June beta

Rooms are like 3D webpages that exist in SmallWorlds. Each character owns their own room. There are also some rooms that are run by Outsmart, known as public places.

Modifying your room

When you are in your room, you will see a little bar at the top left which shows:

  • Rating (# of stars)
  • Room name
  • Edit button
  • Photograph button

Selecting the Edit button brings up a dialog screen with four options:

  • General - modify the room name and description
  • Decor - change the walls and floors
  • Members - manage room membership [1]
  • Security - control who can and cannot access your room

Room Ratings

Rooms can be rated from 1-5 stars. The rating for a room is show at the top left. It is not known whether the room rating has any affect on popularity rating.


In the list Places, rooms are listed by descending order from most popular to least popular. Popularity seems to be completely determined by the current number of people in a room.