SW Wiki: Policies

The following is SmallWorlds Wiki's Manual of Style, and it is a guideline that all users should follow when editing on this wikia.

Naming an article

Wikipedia's naming conventions state:

  1. Each word in titles, headers, and categories should be lowercase, unless it is the first word, or it is always capitalised (Such as names, for example: "SmallWorlds", "Dan SmallWorlds").
  2. Nouns should always be in singular form (with exceptions such as "scissors")
  3. Verbs in titles should be in the gerund (verb + -ing: "customising your avatar's appearance")
  4. Names of items should appear as how they do in-game. If there is a multitude of such item (for example, the Hoverboard), then a more generic title can be used, and the objects listed under one page.
  5. Titles and headers should be short.

Article layout


Simple steps


Layout is key. For readers to stay focused, you need to:

  1. Fill in the infobox as much as you can.
  2. Provide a detailed introduction.
  3. If possible, provide a gallery of other images.
  4. Insert a variety of categories.
  5. Insert a navbox at the end, if required.

In general, readers will begin with the infobox and move over to the main content. If a page lacks an infobox, most likely it needs one. A detailed introduction with relevant information will get your reader hooked.

Writing the article

What you should do

  • Follow the guidelines above
  • Check that your grammar is accurate.
  • Make sure that images aren't too big and obstructing the text.
  • Write formally, without the use of contractions ("you're", "it's")

What you shouldn't do

  • Start an article with a header.
  • Have multiple infoboxes on one article.
  • Write opinions, or anything from your perspective



Left: Don't
Right: Do

With images, they need to be clear, and able to stand out to the reader.

You can use SmallWorlds's new Special FX backdrops to help, although this isn't necessary. Also, turning off your in-world lighting will make it easier for someone to see the item.

  • Don't take a photo of your game with the in-world camera - always screenshot with Printscreen or a screen capture app. 
  • Don't screenshot the item amongst other items or in your inventory. Be sure to get the whole thing.
  • If you need to wear it to show features, by all means wear it.

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