Cosy room
When joining SmallWorlds, one is prompted to select one of four 'starter' spaces. On the 25th of October 2011, the option of choosing one of four 'traditional starter spaces' was removed and replaces by a 'New-User-Only' space, a one story country-cottage-like space. There is an additional 15 traditional spaces. These traditional spaces are not really that realistic, and are open planned. There are eight types of islands available, each varying in size and price. Lastly, there are six realistic 'houses' available, all being beta level houses. These include the Chatswood Villa, Morgan Bungalow, The HollyWood, Prairie Farmhouse, Liberty Mansion and the Country Cottage.

Naturally, players can resell spaces, islands and houses. There is presently no feature available which allows spaces, islands and houses to be gifted to other players.

Modifying your room

When you are in your room, you will see a little bar at the top left which shows:

  • Rating (# of stars)
  • Room name
  • Edit button
  • Photograph button

Selecting the Edit button brings up a dialog screen with four options:

  • General - modify the room name and description
  • Decor - change the walls and floors
  • Members - manage room membership
  • Security - control who can and cannot access your room

Space Membership

One can give others one of three types of membership in a place, Member, Contributor and Officer, each giving a respective amount of freedom in the space.

Member Rights - Members can access 'Member Only' spaces and kick non-members out of the space

Contributor Rights - Contributors are Members with the ability to edit the layout of the space (move items around).

Officer Rights - Officers are Contributors with the ability to edit space memberships.

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